Donate to Cash for Kids
Cash For Kids is in the beginning stages of reconstructing a new building that was purchased by CFK President Swin Cash. Swin, who was born in McKeesport, PA and learned valuable life lessons in the city growing up, is now creating a safe haven for the youth and allowing Cash for Kids to serve the people in the community that raised her. The City of McKeesport was ranked 4th most dangerous city in America and Swin couldn't sit by hearing about all the negatives without doing her part to help build the city back up. She learned hard work, discipline, faith and a demand of excellence as a child in those same streets. Her Cash for Kids organization is trying to do their part to be the change and could really use your help. We're All In This Together!

- Youth leagues ages 9-14 (Spring league)
- Cultural Trips/College tours (Summer/Fall)
- Middle School tournament (Fall)
- After school program and summer program academic enrichment (12-months)
- Computer lab, Kitchen, Gather Space (Recreation Center)
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